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South Africa is one of the most stable countries in Africa and its first world infrastructure of roads and scheduled flights make getting around a pleasure. Your main entry into South Africa will be at our international airports in Johannesburg and Cape Town. From either airport, you can catch connecting flights to your final destination; your final flight destination will depend upon the area in which your safari is set to start.


Passports are required for travel to South Africa. Please note that for the most part no Visas are required. American and European Union passports are sufficient for entries into South Africa. Please Note:  If you are going on safari into any of the other Southern African countries (example Mozambique), Visas may be required for those countries. Please double check with your local Embassy about Visas well before your safari.


Always keep in mind most Visa payments if any will always be charges in USD$ cash. For all Children/Minor/s Under the Age of 18: There are new requirements, being introduced by the South African Department of Home Affairs, for additional documentation needed by persons under the age of 18 years for travel to and from South Africa as of 1 June 2015.


All under 18 travellers must travel with a full birth certificate with the child's full name as printed on the passport and both parents details need to be displayed on the certificate, passports of both parents and also a valid visa if required.


In case of one parent traveling with a child, he or she must produce an unabridged certificate and an affidavit from the other parent registered as a parent on the birth certificate of the child authorizing him or her to enter into or depart the Republic of South Africa with the child he or she is traveling with, a court order granting full parental responsibility to the parent traveling, with certified copies of both parents passport and a 24 hour telephone number. Please be aware that all travellers under the age of 18 years and not in possession of the required documentation will not be allowed to travel to and from South Africa.

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Eldre Hattingh     PO Box 1577, Jeffreys bay, 6330        e-mail: hunting@luccasafaris.com        Cell = (011 27) 82 879 5966